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Bolt Motor Company es un taller especialista en cafe racer en Valencia. Si estás buscando quién te ayude a customizar tu moto, has llegado al sitio correcto.

Calle Diputación Provincial, 3. Alzira (Valencia).

(+34) 625 364 210




Elegance is the first word that comes to mind when we look at this Honda CB750. With #BOLT35, we’ve tried to combine the sophistication that this model radiates, with the roguish charm that distinguishes Bolt Motor Company.

Without a doubt, Honda CB750 is one of our favourite models when customising a classic motorbike. Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to opt for this iconic model as the final result speaks for itself.

In this case, #BOLT35’s owner was looking for a stylish, yet functional bike to ride on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, our team at Bolt Motor Company got to work on creating soft lines that produced cohesion and continuity between key elements, such as the gas tank, the seat, and the subframe, which was handcrafted to obtain this fantastic look.

What stands out of the customisation of this Honda CB750 is the work done on the front-end. We used a Renthal handlebar to ensure an easy driving position. Another key feature is its stunning headlight, with a state-of-the-art LED and a 3-D headlight bracket designed by our team of experts. Besides, to enhance the bike’s usability, we gave it indicator lights, among other digital controls.

Though the gas tank may seem rather simple and clean, it took many man-hours to achieve this result. It’s not easy to create such a continuous line between the elements, but when it’s done right, the outcome is spectacular. For this project, we used a Honda CB759 Four K2 gas tank. The distressed leather seat is the cherry on top, and though it may appear to be delicate, it was given a waterproof treatment to guarantee its durability.

As we always say, good looks turn heads, but the success of a custom job lies within. For this reason, we gave it SuperTrapp exhausts; we checked and improved every component of the engine; we worked on the filters to enhance power, carburation, and mechanical performance. The 750 ccs of this Honda will offer better performance than ever. Moreover, we renovated and improved the electrical system using cutting edge technology.

We don’t like to pick favourites, but if we did, #BOLT35 would definitely be at the top of our list. We wish he had moreHondas CB750 coming into our shop. So please, if you own one of these beauties, send it our way. At Bolt Motor Company, cafe racer specialist, we’ll be eager to get our hands on it.