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is a workshop specialized in cafe racer in Valencia. If you are looking for who can help you customize your motorcycle, you have arrived at the right place.

Diputación Provincial street, 3. Alzira (Valencia).

(+34) 625 364 210




A new work of mechanical art leaves the garage at Bolt Motor Company, specialists in Café Racer in Valencia! Although we’ll try to explain the tune-up details of this Honda 750, it’ll be impossible to convey the many hours of hard work and the dedication put into having this beast back on the road.

Without a doubt, the main modification on #Bolt8 is not evident to the untrained eye, except for those who are true fans of Honda. We’ll give you a clue: Take a look at the fuel tank. This Café Racer doesn’t have its own tank, it carries a modified one from a previous model. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Another key feature of this two-wheeled marvel is the placement of the battery. Try to spot it with a magnifying glass, you won’t be able to find it, as the battery is perfectly hidden. We thrive with this kind of job, as Bolt Motor Co.’s mark of distinction is our attention to detail. Our team of mechanical professionals doesn’t stop working until our client gets the Café Racer they’ve always wanted.

Every time a new custom job comes into our hands, it becomes a priority for Bolt Motor Company. We just can’t help ourselves, we love what we do. We share your passion and excitement. When you come into our garage, we’ll always give you the best professional advice: “We’ll help you get the bike you’ve always dreamed of, but if you follow our suggestions, the result will exceed your dreams”. And, in this case, this bike’s savvy owner followed our advice, so the rapport with our team couldn’t have been better.

We could spend all day talking about #Bolt8, but we just want to end this post by mentioning the cowl. This cowl was 3D designed and was specifically built for this fuel tank. We love the result, and more importantly, its owner loved it too. What do you think?

If you want to own a Bolt – do something about it. Send us an email to boltmotorcompany@gmail.com We’re expecting you!