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is a workshop specialized in cafe racer in Valencia. If you are looking for who can help you customize your motorcycle, you have arrived at the right place.

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Having a Café Racer Valencia: What you should know

If you’ve come this far, it means that you’re sure you want to buy a Café Racer in Valencia. That’s good, as now comes the great part!

The most exciting part about getting a Café Racer in Valencia is enjoying the tune-up itself until the moment it’s time to ride one of the most stunning and exclusive bikes in the world.

Even if nobody’s gonna change your mind about having your own Café Racer, you should know there are several options:

  • Buying your own bike and tuning it up yourself. This is, of course, the cheapest, most traditional way. The pros are the affordability, and the indescribable pride you’ll feel when you’re done with it. Among the cons are the long hours you have to invest in the project, the fact you need to have some mechanical knowledge, and also have access to the right tools. The success of a venture like this relies on starting off with a good base bike so you’ll have fewer things to fix, plus having proper mechanical aptitude.
  • Buying a customised Café Racer. but there are two important downsides: the high price and the fact that you won’t be able to build it to your taste.
  • Trusting in a specialised customisation garage. This option would be a mix of both of the above. You can either customise a base bike from scratch or from a previous custom build. In this way you can control your investment according to your budget.

The ideal thing to do is to be coherent and choose the best option for your project. For example, many motorbike enthusiasts think that customising a machine is a great hobby to share with friends. The problem is that many times projects come to a halt due to a lack of mechanical aptitude or to the incapacity to find certain parts.

Remember that we’ve just opened Bolt Motor Company’s online shop, where you’ll be able to find Café Racer, Bobber and Scrambler spare parts and components at the best price.

Buying an already customised bike is ideal when you can’t wait to have your own Café Racer. The problem for hard-core fans is that it’s difficult to find a motorbike that’s exactly like the one of their dreams. Still, have a look on the Internet and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to share the same dream bike with somebody else. We must warn you that your dream Café Racer will be expensive if you get it this way. Make sure it’s in perfect condition before you close the deal.

The option of trusting in a Café Racer specialist in Valencia, like Bolt Motor Company, will save you a lot of headaches and you’ll have the certainty that once we’re done building it, you’ll be riding the bike of your dreams.

Day-to-day at Bolt Motor Company, specialists in Café Racer in Valencia

We offer two options. You can bring us your base engine or we’ll guide you to get the best bike for the Café Racer model you want to build. Just come by our shop and tell us all the details you’d like. Then, there are two options: We can start working on it, or to make your wait more bearable, we can design a 2D sketch of the bike so you can have a clear vision. Once we get to this point you may relax, as your bike is in the best hands.  Feel free to come to the garage anytime to check the progress and give us your input.

We’re assuming that it all sounds perfect up to here, but you’re probably wondering about the price. At Bolt Motor Company you set the budget. Depending on it, we’ll advise the best way to squeeze every penny out of that investment and guarantee the best benefit-cost ratio.

Regardless of the process you may choose for owning a Café Racer, there’s a list of things you shouldn’t forget about the motorbike you use as a base (whether it’s an original factory model or a custom build).

  • Start the bike to check it works properly. Make sure it’s cold before you switch it on.
  • Check for a stable engine idling that doesn’t turn off when you’re not accelerating.
  • Check the oil is not leaking. Rub a piece of cloth on the oil sump, the gaskets, and the exhaust; then, accelerate. Wipe these parts again and if the cloth is clean, great; if there’s oil, it’s a bad sign.
  • Try all the lights to check the electrical system is functional.
  • Check the paperwork is in order and that the seller’s name is correct. Verify that the chassis number, licence plate, and the engine match what’s written on the papers. Finally, check all road taxes have been paid.

For any enquiries about how much it would cost to customise your bike at Bolt Motor Company, or if you want to ask us any questions, please leave a message or send us an email to boltmotorcompany@gmail.com.

  • Lidia
    Posted at 14:27h, 16 December Reply

    Una información muy buena, es lo que estaba buscando. Millones de gracias. Saludos.

  • Emmanuel
    Posted at 18:56h, 17 February Reply

    Me gusta encontrar una página como la vuestra.
    Y ha sido una sorpresa increíble, pues vi varios artículos de vuestro trabajo en BIKEEXIF, nada más que decir al respecto de vuestra calidad y buen hacer. 😉

    Y lo que me ha sido más sorprendente todavía…
    “Vuestro gran caracter humano, que respira “bike friendly” por los poros”.

    Muy familiar, clara y cercana vuestra forma de abordar, presentar y comunicar.

    Un gran equipo, sin duda.

    V2 🙂

    • admin
      Posted at 12:38h, 18 April Reply

      muchas gracias por tus palabras y bienvenido!

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